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“Designer Label” Environmental Groups - Power Hungry Pied Piper’s to Destruction

From Palm Trees to Wood Chips, to Blue Chips

by Ojai and Ventura VIEW

Ojai, CA: OVVIEW Jan 2011 • Issue 32: In the process of gathering information for this story, several members of the community contacted the writer and/or associates in an effort to stop publication. This Article: http://bit.ly/2mHqpmc

The axe has fallen on the 21 mature Canary Island Palms which once graced and shaded the west barranca of Libbey Park. Where were the protests? Where were the activists clinging to the doomed tree trunks?

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Jobs? Government & Corporations Feed Themselves Fat Jobs

State of California has an excess of 500 agencies

by Jefferson Pinto

Sept/Oct Sp 2011, VIEW #40: As kids, we would go to birthday parties and wear the standard issue cardboard cone party hats with the elastic bands that wrapped around into your jaw. Inevitably we would play the obligatory game of musical chairs. You know, the one where each round has one less chair than participants.

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Nepal: The Joys of Human Traffic

Traveler Diary

by Judy the Hun

Sept/Oct 2011, VIEW 40: Human trafficking is alive and well in Nepal. God, I witnessed it firsthand myself and haven’t slept well since.

Six weeks ago I attended a cultural event to bring attention to the increasing problem here in Nepal. The problem exists almost entirely within arab states like U.A.E., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai, etc. This Article: http://bit.ly/2jCBg3K

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Education: U.S. Army Ranger Labeled "anti-education"

LETTER: 'Bloated, Bureaucratic Mess'

- Michael Lenehan, Ret., U.S. Army, Lt. Col., 18th Airborne, Spec. Ops.

Dear View,

April 2012, VIEW Issue 45: I’d just like to send a huge “Atta boy” for your brief [Link:] March 2012 article concerning the bloated, bureaucratic (and some might say corrupt) mess at the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD). This Articlehttp://bit.ly/2ktdGW0

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California Dreamin’ – A Recurring Nightmare

"...the governor who signed it would benefit immensely from some free education..."

by Jefferson Pinto  This Article: http://bit.ly/2k8hUjG

Nov. 2011, VIEW Issue 41: Oct. 8 California’s governor-elect Jerry Brown signed the DREAM Act. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor Act (not to be confused with the federal version) is so disturbing on so many levels. In a quest to identify the benefit for taxpayers, I’m still left wanting. California’s DREAM Act allows illegal minors to be eligible for public financial aid to fund their college education.

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Politics: Attention Critical Thinkers

by J.A. Anderson

This Article: http://bit.ly/2jBmwAb

Aug. 2012, VIEW Issue 48: This message is for you... if you are the person who sincerely searches for facts and does not depend on nor is amused by ridiculous political ads.

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