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The Plight of The Idiot-Blogger - When Trouble Comes Head Knockin'

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Each situation is independent of another, usually, and litigated on the evidence.

It's a funny "Journalism" world these days; alleged credible "professional 'Journalists'" like Wolf Blitzer and Donna Brazile, who willingly Eat provided Candidate Debate questions ahead of time, regurgitate them later as Truth, fake news, but increasingly are getting busted. Then an Indiana YMCA, after getting fed up with the CNN Fakes, stopped running CNN at their gym.

This is nothing less than J-FRAUD ("Journalism" Fraud - Committed Against The People - "Fake" news.). Had it not been for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, this shadow government would have remained in the Dark, free to plot, scheme and damage the nation. They're still doing it, but at least the professional journalists and public are mostly aware. Wolf is surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) still working for CNN, (the most mediocre cable "news" network in the "business"). What an embarrassment to the news industry.

CNN, a wholly biased mindless political party at this point, is owned by Time-Warner which is a bigtime Clinton Foundation Donor. There is nothing CNN has not done which isn't drivin' home this solid point - it simply is not "Journalism." Beyond a doubt, CNN and the Rigged media are purely a mischievous form of twisted entertainment, an ambitiously-dangerous political party with cameras - basically Corporate Idiot-Bloggers.

CNN and their Crooked Mainstream media cohorts routinely and regularly support the corrupt Democratic National Committee (DNC) actively pushing the stated DNC goal " demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry." All this, in order to keep their shady bought politicians in power, instead of The People. The entire process disrupts, and is intended to, the production of Public Policy.

Anyway back to my rant, let's Cook. During the oft-created "protests" - the buying of PAID disingenuous "protestors" by we all know who (you know mercenaries with one true allegiance --> $$$). Then mix in a few Idiot-bloggers, quite a few, into this riotous recipe... many who probably ponied up $50 bucks, picked up some used digital camera equipment on Craig's List, and suddenly they're Frank Capra, seasoned War Photojournalist and Film Maker (It's a Wonderful Life - 1946)....

But they just can't handle themselves in a tumultuous event, a real situation (like World War II Battle photog Capra). This is not a movie, it's real life. Anyhow, they get a little emotionally attached to their precious egos, a little reactive, charged, after all they're suddenly wielding that almighty "Power of the Press - The First Amendment." They really have no idea what the First Amendment stands for, it's value, but we won't get into their inconsequence here. Anyhow they get crybaby pushy with a subject with whom they may, or may not necessarily share the same opinion, tempers flare (they usually do), then erupt into an (unseasoned...) flippant slam-dance outburst, something ridiculously stupid that makes "good" video... insignificant bad behavior "entertainment", not even close to useful news.

By then, a well-meaning police officer watching the entire playground drama is looking to "Keep the Peace" do their job, right? He or she steps incisively in, to flare tempers down.... Suddenly, without provocation, the adrenaline-obsessed Frank Capri-cious idiot-blogger, the genius filmmaker, right? ....goes completely ego-off-the-charts, camera wacky, a little sideways, a little upside down, a little that way, a little this, and wala, Idiot-blogger gets shut down by the diligent efforts of the police officer, like Right Now - BAM!

Idiot-blogger is transformed into fragile Snowflake Victim. Gasp, and we are all forced to watch THAT soap opera play out for however long and number of video replays.

- J.A. Anderson, OV-VIEW

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