Saturday, 17 March 2018

by J.A. Anderson

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Aug. 2012, VIEW Issue 48: This message is for you... if you are the person who sincerely searches for facts and does not depend on nor is amused by ridiculous political ads.

Neither would you imagine forwarding nonsense, believing that another “Critical Thinker” would even pay the slightest attention to that utter and banal babble!

Critical Thinkers are NEVER “Blind Followers.” They think for themselves, and they are not aimlessly lead by weak-mindedness. They are not swayed by ideas that are untruthful. They do their OWN fair-minded research to find the FULL FACTS of any situation, including supportive as well as non-supportive ideas.

Anyone who seeks only supportive biased material for their one-sided and un-researched blind beliefs needs to become capable of rising above this level of non-thinking.

A “Critical Thinker” is a “Productive Thinker” and a “Diligent Researcher” who does not forward un-founded PERCEIVED FALLACIOUS facts through a Social Site or any other Public Information Channels. This message does not apply to any particular Political Persuasion.

– Joel Anderson, Editor

This Article: 

Original Source, Pg 6: Aug. 2012, VIEW, Issue 48

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