Saturday, 17 March 2018

JFK: Who Killed the American Dream?

Part I: JFK: Am I Crazy?

by Larry Naron

VIEW Issue #12, Page 2, Mar. 2009: No, Probably just a simpleton. I've recently been researching The Crime of the Century. Okay I misspoke, since the Cover Up of the Century is actually more accurate. The crime has never been in question, as it was witnessed by millions of Americans on their black and white television sets.

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A Study: Hillary's Chaotic Rage?

The Armored Amazon - Women Who Get Disconnected From Their Feminine Center

by Peter Milhado, PH.D.

Looking at newspapers and television one has to wonder whether the world isn't lost in some collective slam dance. People racing around frantically going nowhere. At bottom, this madness has been promoted by corporate and patriarchal cultures. Never have we been so cut off from our intuitive insights and wisdom.

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U.S. Vet: NAFTA, Wars, Manufacturing, White Collar Crime, Immigration

An 82nd Airborne Military Vet Speaks Out: What Can Obama Do?

by Larry Naron
VIEW Issue 11, Feb. 2009: I hate being pessimistic, but do you ever wonder why Obama is being painted to resemble the second coming? Don't get me wrong, I voted for this wellspoken educated man. The issue I see is that people are placing way too much confidence in the ability of any president to clean up the current mess. This Article

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Federal Election Campaign Act

The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA, Pub.L. 92–225, 86 Stat. 3, enacted February 7, 1972, 52 U.S.C. § 30101 et seq.) is the primary United States federal law regulating political campaign spending and fundraising. The law originally focused on increased disclosure of contributions for federal campaigns. The S. 382 legislation was passed by the 92nd U.S. Congressional session and signed by the 37th President of the United States Richard Nixon on February 7, 1972.[1] SOURCE: Wikipedia

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Full Clinton Foundation Donor List

Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play Donor List?

Oct. 24, 2016: Recent events have brought to bear fierce “Pay-to-Play” allegations against the Clinton Foundation. Below is a complete list from which details the Corporations, Political Action Committee’s (PACs), Corporate Chiefs, etc., etc., who have donated over $2 Billion to the questionable Clinton non-profit. Seems just about every who who wants special treatment from big media, corporate America, and foreign dictatorships piled on board here. See Below. - Ed.

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Is Government Accountable? Mar. 2010, Issue 24

ELECTION TIME: No Accountability: The Second Deadly Governmental Sin

by Jefferson Pinto
When I first attended junior high I had six different teachers for six different subjects. We were taking a test in U.S. History and another student broke the silence and said, "Does spelling count?" And the teacher replied, "Of course spelling counts! Why wouldn't it?" Much to the dismay of the student asking the question, his plan to compartmentalize the academic disciplines (English-Spelling and History) failed. Up until this time we had one teacher all day and we couldn't play the divide and conquer game.

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