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Reasonable Revolution - Let Them Eat Cake

The Famous Guillotine, Noyade and The French Revolution

May 2010, VIEW Issue 27: In Heaven’s name; what was the cause of the French Revolution that occurred for ten years, from 1789 through 1799 overthrowing centuries-old aristocratic rule in France? A revolution, that even President George Washington claimed was the greatest event in world history, so far.

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2009: Bankrupt Mainstream Media... the pitiful abducted hostage?

Sell-Outs: Toughie Times for not so ‘Local’ Corporate Chain-Print Rags

Morally Bankrupt: The Rigged Media: A Plethora of P.R.-Propaganda

by J.A. Anderson

2009 VIEW: Tough times for not so ‘locally’ based corporate chain papers has meant the discerning post-economic-crash ‘press’ consumer has, perhaps, begun to read through their irresponsible lines with their pocket books.

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2009: Education: Helping Our Children Grow: Opportunities Versus "Mistakes"

What Mistake? Are Grown-ups Learning to Hide Their Mistakes?

by Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson

Jan. 2009, VIEW Issue 10, Pg 9: We often have parents ask us what they can do when their children become upset with mistakes. For example, recently, a mom reported that her son became very upset when he took a quiz and missed one question. He did not focus on the 9 out of 10 that were correct, but on the one that he missed. He didn’t think he should be making any mistakes at all!

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Oct. 2008: Wine And Roses - After Elections

So Now the Elections Are Winding Down

by Ron Rowe

Oct. 2008, VIEW Issue 7: Two thousand years ago, a Greek philosopher said, speech is the gift of all but the thought of few. What tremendous power for good or ill, the spoken word has, yet how little thought most of us give to the words we speak. We talk at each other without pause to listen, a wise man once said.

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Tehran-Mehrabad Airport

Merry Christmas Report - 2017

by Sepp-Michael Zehender, Stuttgart Germany

VIEW EXCLUSIVE: Since 2005, Iran had been strongly focused on development of their atomic energy resources. Since then monthly and weekly news reports were published in the international news media about the efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to sort of control Iranian atomic energy developments.

Living in Stuttgart, Germany, we want to wish you a lot of joy celebrating this years Christmas season, Sun. Dec. 25th,  while we enjoy our Christmas night, Sat., Dec. 24th.

I will continue with my business obligations I have at the Tehran-Mehrabad Airport.

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Note to Uncle Sam: Step Aside and Call in the Professionals...

An Epidemic of Reason

by Jefferson Pinto

VIEW Issue 13, Apr. 2009: When the economy is in the tank (or for that matter the bowl) there are four things that consistently happen: local law enforcement agencies start cracking down on minor infractions to help the municipalities’ replenish their coffers, movie theater ticket sales increase, consumption of alcohol increases, and the churches fill up with people. This month, I’m getting outside my comfort zone to address a different and more “whole-istic” approach to public policy economics.

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