Tuesday, 24 April 2018

2009: Health Insurance Co's "Delay & Deny" Tactics

American Corporate Business as Usual…

by Dr. Pete Barnes. D.C.

May 2009, VIEW Issue 14, Pg 10: Many of you have medical insurance, that you pay a monthly premium which usually costs just short of a king’s ransom. Many of these premiums are two or three hundred dollars for just one person.

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2009: How California Passed On Health Care Reform - Obamacare

Letter - Congressional Freebies: California Sens. Boxer and Feinstein? What Did They Say?

by Karl Keller

Issue 19, VIEW Oct. 2009: Let’s cut through all the talk, town halls, addresses to Congress, and talking heads!

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2010: Pt. III Coming Back: Job Creation

Economic Recovery? Creation Pt. III Coming Back: Plans & Strategies for Job

by Art Isgur

May 2010, VIEW Issue 26: We know that ‘deficit’ is not a four letter word. We also know that we have both domestic and foreign difficulties. The U.S. Congress may finally be ready to deal with some of our foreign economic problems. By early April, 2010, 130 Congresspersons, of both major political parties, sent a strong letter to President Obama. They urged the President to ‘get tough’ with China and the currency manipulations in which the Chinese engage. Almost everyone agrees that we must do more in helping to create jobs, jobs, and more jobs, in the USA.

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2010: Pt. II Coming Back: Foreign and Domestic Challenges

Economic Recovery? Jobs.

by Art Isgur

April 2010, VIEW Issue 25: In the first installment of this series we learned that budget deficits are neither good nor bad in themselves. Deficits are just borrowed money. A deficit may be ‘bad’ if most of the money is used to lower taxes on those people that already have more money to use than they can possibly spend. The very same deficit is ‘good’ if the money is put into productive use, encouraging greater consumer spending and lowering production costs, etc.

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2010: Economic Recovery? Pt. I Coming Back

Pt. I Coming Back; Strings or No Strings?

by Art Isgur

Mar. 2010, VIEW Issue 24: Over these many months I have written various columns on our economic situation. The topics have been complicated and difficult to follow. This is the first part of a long series on how we can help America ‘come back’ and regain world economic leadership.

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2009: Bailing Out Detroit: Pump it Up or Let it Go Flat?

The Ten Step Program for Vetting a Government or Corporate System

by Jefferson Pinto

Jan. 2009, VIEW Issue 10: Last month I addressed the need to define the problem, prioritize, and formulate a solution. This month, I’ll introduce a framework for evaluating solutions.

One of the biggest challenges with developing solutions is to ensure the proposed solution actually addresses the core problem and underlying causes. This sort of assumes the problem or objective is accurately and clearly defined as well as agreed upon.

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