Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Bail-out, GM Quality, and Auto Economics

Jan. 2010 - Obama's GM Bailout: by Joel Anderson

Mike Gaddis has been a mechanic for over 40 years, having worked on everything from Maserati's to Volkswagens and everything in between for private customers and companies. I asked Mike about the Economic Bail Out, GM Cars (and trucks) and the future of the auto industry, which now lags behind that of China.
"Well... I’m a GM fan more than anything, but the CEO's are getting a twelve million dollar bonus for what ? And the company is going under...c'mon....somebody is bullshitting somebody... if they give them the loans.... When they start cutting the fat out of a company they ought to start at the top. That would save the company major bucks," said Mechanic Mike Gaddis.

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