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Letter - Keep the Boutiques, Bandit Brand

by Jen McMillan

VIEW Issue 12, Mar. 2009: If anyone has been to the mall lately, it is easy to see that not much is manufactured in the US anymore and even more sad is that the larger chains of Western Wear stores and even Army Surplus stores who are supposed to be the epitome of American Culture carry very few American made products.

Trade Shows are coming up, please help support the U.S. companies and think about all of the cool boutiques that make your town a place full of heart and creativity and what a different place the U.S. would be without those shops and brands.

Support U.S. Manufacturing too:

U.S. Manufacturers tend to have smaller minimums so that independent designers and brands can afford to see their dreams become realities; China and other countries usually have large minimums eliminating many peoples chances of making what they love, not to mention the excess and unneeded items going to waste. I realize that all manufacturing has an impact on resources and the environment, but I believe that if we keep it to what is needed or wanted it is a step in the right direction. Support local designers and manufacturers by spending your dollars with them and if you have no dollars, kind words of encouragement go a long way too.

Many times over the years, I have asked fellow designers and clothing lines for the names of their manufacturers, screen printers, etc. and many times people won’t share that information, but if you are manufacturing in the USA, those people need your business and lot’s of times, by sending them more business it ensures that they will remain open to manufacture your own goods. I have noticed lot’s of the manufacturers I use for t-shirts and handbags have downsized – if it gets worse they will close or outsource to foreign production also.

I will gladly give anyone the name and information of anyone I use to manufacture goods, after spending years weeding out the crooks and just plain bad manufacturers I have a good group of people I consider to be friends that help to make all of my products and I will always be happy to help them. If you have anyone good that you would like to add to the list let me know and I will share the info with my fellow designers and Americans.

In addition, if you have or know of a company who’s product is still Made in the USA, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help to spread the word.



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