Saturday, 17 March 2018

The High Price of Freedom - The Iron Man

The Nature of the World

by Joel Anderson

Fighting against the slide into dictatorial fascism and censorship is not independent to those citizens living in the United States. The fight against govt/corporate imposed propaganda and numbing mind-control has been going on since... the beginning of time.

In an ancient region between Germany and Russia; the Ukraine it seems was always caught and torn in the crossfire between those two war-culture nations.

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Voting for the ‘Bestest’ The Fix is IN...

Your Man is the True Prophet

by R. Ellis Smith

Oct. 2008, Issue 7 So yer Gonna Vote?? Yer all excited it’s only a couple more weeks until you get to vote for your choice for President of the United States of America.

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WikiLeaks U.S. Govt. Assassination Threat - 12/2012


Original Publication: Dec. 2012: Issue #52: We recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of Cablegate on the same day as Bradley Manning testified for the first time about the torture he has received at the hands of the U.S. government.

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Idiot “Social” Medi-umms

Can You Hear Me Now?

February 2010 • Issue 23:  “The internet is a marvelous tool and clearly it is the informational delivery system of our future, but thus far it does not deliver much first-generation reporting.

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Is Independent, Original, and Credible News Reporting Really Necessary?

PRESS: In Ojai, Ventura, and Beyond?

by Joel Anderson

Aug. 2011, VIEW #39: If you answered “NO,” get ready to ride the roller coaster, and hold onto your wallet.... we ain’t hit bottom yet!

New Kid in the 'Cell' Block: With recent developments in local self-congratulatory hack publishing (community power players) easily crushing stories, glossy repetitive quick hit 'catalogs' hyped as “the press” but preoccupied with overhead profits above news accountability and content, save [LINK] the theft, lying and ultimate criminal conviction of alleged publisher Sheldon Brown, outsourcing, and government owned-founded media presented as ‘real,’ it’s no wonder there are so many “real world problems here not being addressed by “The Press.”

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Does the City Attorney Need an Attorney?

Who’s Watching the Store Over at City Hall?

By Frank Pecarich [This Article:]

May, 2008, Issue 2: Doesn’t anybody check employment history anymore? Years ago the personnel director for the Department of the Interior told me something I didn’t forget. He said, “Frank, always make sure you carefully check the employment history and references of an applicant for a job. You’d be surprised how many people don’t do a good job of that and rely on the charm and resume of the applicant.”

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