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2008: Our National Financial Mess, Media Failures.

Smoke and Mirrors Yield Sub-optimal Public Policy

by Jefferson Pinto

Oct. 2008, VIEW Issue 7: I was watching TV the other evening and saw a show with a 700+ pound man who needed to be hospitalized; could neither ably walk or fit through the door. This begs a few questions. How did he get this way? Why did he keep eating? How did he keep eating? Who kept bringing him food? Why did he wait this long to remedy his eating habits?

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2008: The Obama Bail-out Won’t Stop the Leaks...

Banking Fiasco

by Jefferson Pinto

November 2008 • VIEW Issue 8: Last month (Oct. 2008, Issue 7, Article), I addressed failures of our media to disclose critical germane facts and analysis surrounding the “bail-out”. This month I’ll address how we got into the economic mess we’re in and why the current “fixes” probably won’t do the trick.

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Govt. Money: Real World Consequences

Chasing Does ObamaBucks! - An Unnatural Disaster

- R. Ellis Smith

VIEW Issue 12, Mar. 2009: Ok, so as the story goes, under the somewhat dubious watchful eye of Mr. Jay Panzica, Chief Financial Officer of the city of Ventura we were the unlucky holders of $10,000,000 worth of stock in the Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual.

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Support Your Local Everything

American Culture - U.S. Companies

Letter - Keep the Boutiques, Bandit Brand

by Jen McMillan

VIEW Issue 12, Mar. 2009: If anyone has been to the mall lately, it is easy to see that not much is manufactured in the US anymore and even more sad is that the larger chains of Western Wear stores and even Army Surplus stores who are supposed to be the epitome of American Culture carry very few American made products.

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Made in the U.S.A. - Shop Local... Or Else.........!

Small Townie - Urban Assault

Urban Outfitters: Ventura Mayor Weir - Soft on Sweatshops

VIEW Issue 12, Mar. 2009: Ventura Mayor Christy Weir is urging Venturans to “shop local” so that their retail “tax” dollar will be ‘kept’ local. What about the larger picture of non-local chain retail outlets who send their (our ?) dollars overseas? (This Article http://bit.ly/2gNcxmG)

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2009: Bad Banker Boys Feeding on the American Public

Obama Bailout - Financial Analysis

by Jefferson Pinto

Issue #14, May 2009: When my son was in his early teen years, he had an affinity toward video games. Attempting to be a good parent, I blocked inappropriate content and imposed time limits. Ok son you can only play video games for two hours a day after your homework is done. Wow that was easy, not only was I a good parent but a smart one too.

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