Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Can You Hear Me Now?

February 2010 • Issue 23:  “The internet is a marvelous tool and clearly it is the informational delivery system of our future, but thus far it does not deliver much first-generation reporting.

"Instead, it leeches that reporting from mainstream news publications, whereupon aggregating websites and bloggers contribute little more than repetition, commentary and froth. They don’t know what they don’t know – which is a dangerous state for any class of folk -- and to those of us who do understand how subtle and complex good reporting can be, their ignorance is as embarrassing as it is seemingly sincere.

"A neighbor who is a good listener and cares about people is a good neighbor; he is not in any sense a citizen social worker. Just as a neighbor with a garden hose and good intentions is not a citizen firefighter.”

– David Simon (May 6, 2009-Speech before U.S. Senate)

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