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Letter/March 3, 2011
People Who Don't Have Tolerance
How come the people who don't skateboard (or never have) don't respect or understand the importance of the sport for the kids? I don't understand football or tennis but I would never stand in the way of someone doing it or raising funds to make a better place to do it! I love that the parents who grew up skating, still skate and understand that some kids just love and thrive in non-team sports and need avenues and places to do it, just like art and music. Well, I had a great phone call today from a dad in Ojai with a family of skaters (and an amazing mom) who understands how important the lights are to the kids and he is working on one of the legends of skating coming up to Ojai to skate that bowl! This is one of the people I promise you don't see often (ever) and that come from the roots of skating. Once again when the details are finalized I will post. You will never guess.....thank you to my friends who keep thinking about how we can raise $40,000 grand together!
- Sunday Rylander, Ojai
On Ojai.......
"We've been confused the whole time we've been here, like... why isn't there a big park here?"
- Jason Jessee, Skate Legend

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