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Gee Mr. Sheldon Brown

by R. Ellis Smith

Sept. 2008, #6: Gee Mr Sheldon Brown, I'm really sorry if I hurt yer feelers. Mr. Sheldon Brown is the owner, publisher, and neophyte writer of the new local rag, the Breeze, who is obviously trying to run the local Ventura newspaper media along the lines that the owner, publisher of the Santa Barbara local newspaper does.

I received an e-mail from a good friend, a well liked and well known local, who has written for years for all of the local rags and has even written for the Breeze. This friend related a story to me that was indicative of a person who has aspirations of becoming the local media dictator and uses his own brand of censorship to try to control what the local readers are allowed to read.

The story was that this friend had submitted a story to the Breeze that had been accepted to publish, however after I wrote my latest article (Aug. Issue of the VIEW) on the shortcomings of the writing expertise of Mr. Sheldon Brown, Mr. Brown advised my friend that his article would not be published in the Breeze because in some diverse way Mr. Brown decided that if this person was my friend he would not be allowed access to the Breeze.

At this time I would like to invite Mr. Brown and any of his friends or relatives that so desire to submit any articles, of good moral turpitude, to the VIEW.

We would be only too happy to publish them without any censorship what-so-ever.

R.Ellis Smith, Ventura

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SOURCE: VIEW Issue 6, Sept. 2008
LINK: Classic VIEW Website

LINK: Wacky Sheldon Brown - Newspaper Theft VIDEO



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