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The Famous Guillotine, Noyade and The French Revolution

May 2010, VIEW Issue 27: In Heaven’s name; what was the cause of the French Revolution that occurred for ten years, from 1789 through 1799 overthrowing centuries-old aristocratic rule in France? A revolution, that even President George Washington claimed was the greatest event in world history, so far.

War and Taxes: The French common folk were being made to pay the costs of the French wars. Washington imagined, at the close of the French Revolution, all the countries would rise up against the aristocracies, but less than ninety years later, Czar Nicholas of Russia, who supported President Abraham Lincoln against European banking interests, eventually threatened to come in on the side of the North against the European banking interests supporting the South.

The bankers were interested in making money off both sides of the wars. The French Revolution, which was the culmination of the aristocratic destruction of the French economy. Those same ill-gotten aristocratic gains were loaned by Louis XVI to the United States, to help win our Revolutionary War against the British/ corporate Dutch East India Company.

Louis XVI also financed wars against England and others, the French soldiers came home wounded and poverty stricken. The American Revolutionary War resulted in the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte, that helped shape the world as we know it today, that led to the success of the French ateliers in textile manufacturing and design that, during Napoleone’s reign, put France on the world map as a leader in fashion design, which is currently another racket.

A fundamental outcome of the French Revolution was the Assembly that drew up the document entitled, ‘The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man’ - this document was to have a lasting effect in American Government upon the completion of the American Revolution. George Washington was mightily impressed by the rise of the French proletariat, who witnessed the gruesome demise of the inept governing French aristocracy by guillotine - Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, along with their ambassadors, were all beheaded.

Dr. Guillotine had devised this method of execution which was born as a result of the revolution to provide a quick and speedy exit of the corrupt ruling class of France. As Queen Marie Antoinette (a spiffy Hapsburg Austrian) said right before she was about to be executed, “I was a queen, and you took away my crown, a wife, and you killed my husband, a mother, and you took my children away from me. All I have left is my blood. Take it. But do not make me suffer.

With hands tied behind her back, wearing an empire waisted white dress with white ruffled bonnet, Queen Marie Antoinette’s head was laid on the guillotine block, the executor let it go and down came the sharp blade – Marie Antoinette’s legacy was then sealed for eternity, and the people were free, sort of.

Widespread famine, excruciatingly high taxes, bank interests, the demeaning and bad treatment of the people with-in the feudal system by the Marquis and greedy landowners, and also the ludicrously powerful church had all been contributing factors in the battle for power against France’s mighty revolutionary Jacobins.

– Mina French, Atlanta

It is with regret that I pronounce, the fatal truth: Louis ought to perish rather than a hundred thousand virtuous citizens; Louis must die, that the country may live.– Maximilien Robespierre

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