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Part II: JFK: Am I Crazy?

by Larry Naron

VIEW Issue #13, Apr. 2009: Of the several hundred books written on the assassination, you may notice some recurring themes like Lone Nut Theory, Conspiracy Theory and Magic Bullet. Although most of these terms are self explanatory, I will delve into the evidence and explain which theories I believe and why.

The most blatantly false evidence in my opinion is the magic bullet. I’m really not sure how anyone can keep a straight face, as this truly borders on the bizarre. The bullet that allegedly killed JFK and wounded Governor Connally was found on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital in pristine condition. What does this mean to those of us who are not ballistics experts, but not morons either? High powered rifle rounds travel in excess of 2000 feet per second. When they hit hard objects, such as a human skull, they deform and lose some of their original mass.

The second but just as important discrepancy concerns the path that this bullet would have taken to cause all of the wounds the Warren Commission claimed, on both JFK and Connally. This bullet I believe was obviously planted, as the bullets condition was pristine and this would indicate it had been fired into much softer material such as a cotton bale, hay bale or perhaps a plastic barrel filled with water. It was then retrieved and placed on the stretcher. FYI Jack Ruby was present at Parkland Hospital after the shooting and spoke with a reporter who was also there.

The significance of the magic bullet was used to imply that Oswald acted alone. The reason I mentioned this is that the second crucial evidence JFK’s wounds were also tampered with to help support their conclusion. If you have ever watched the fatal shot on the Zapruder film and see JFK knocked back and to the left, it is very apparent the fatal shot was not from behind. In order to show the bullet going in the direction the conspirators desired, JFK’s head needed to be tampered with. I would have never believed such a blatant act would be performed on JFK’s corpse were there not an overwhelming discrepancy in the location of the wound from Parkland Hospital in Dallas to the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. The fatal wound at Parkland was a shot to JFKs’ right temple that blew out the back of his skull. In other words entry wound in front, small exit wound in back, large. This is very common in rifle wounds where the entry wounds are often barely larger than the bullet itself but much larger in the rear due to the bullets kinetic energy.

Dr. Fouad Bashour, who was present when JFK was treated, was shown the purported autopsy photos in 1979; he shook his head. The big hole in the back of JFK’s skull at Parkland are absent from the photos. Just prior to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigation, the chief steward aboard Air Force One died in a shooting accident. Other Doctors present at Parkland also make note of the large exit wound that changed.

The Doctors at Parkland, who were very familiar with gunshot wounds, were not allowed to perform the autopsy. At this point you’re hoping that the government took the body to Bethesda because there was some preeminent expert on gunshot wounds. Unfortunately the exact opposite was true. The Doctors who performed the autopsy there admittedly had no experience with gunshot wounds and they were instructed not to examine the neck wound or examine the clothing JFK was wearing.

In 1968 a panel of Doctors, who reviewed the autopsy photos and x-rays for then Attorney General Ramsey Clark, concluded that neither of the wounds were where the autopsists said they were. In addition, the fatal shot had broken into nearly 40 fragments that were embedded in JFK’s right cerebral hemisphere.

I personally don’t believe the Doctors at Bethesda were complicit in the cover up. They had no experience with gunshots and followed the orders of higher ups. On another note, a Robert Bouck (an employee of the Protective Research Section of the Treasury Department) signed a receipt for a bullet taken from Kennedy’s body during the autopsy that is officially nonexistent. This was corroborated by an FBI memo.

We’ve now covered the pristine magic bullet and the discrepancy with what the doctors at Parkland saw and what was observed at Bethesda. We now come to the part that should really send a chill through patriots, who believe no one is above the law. This is in regard to the incredible shooting feat of Oswald who qualified as a marksman (lowest possible passing score) in the military. I’m sure most veterans will find Oswald’s score in the military as no surprise, as he was attached to an air squadron as opposed to a frontline infantry unit. The shooting feat Oswald performed that day has not been duplicated by the worlds best snipers in Great Britain, Russia, Israel, nor the USMC Sniper School in our great country. Seems some other countries wanted to find out if the Lone Nut Theory was credible.

I’m familiar with firearms and had a gun dealers license 20 years ago. The rifle Oswald allegedly used to shoot JFK was a clip fed bolt action rifle. This just means that the bullets are loaded into a magazine which is inserted into the bottom of the rifle and each bullet (round) has to be manually fed into the firing chamber by pushing forward on the bolt. The problem with such a system is it is very difficult to keep a moving target lined up in your scope between shots.

Personally, I don’t believe Oswald fired any shots as he was just a patsy set up to take the fall.

A fingerprint found in the book depository snipers nest and matched in 1998 by a Dallas forensic expert was sent to the FBI for verification. The analyst who was sure an unquestionable match was found waited 18 months for the FBI to say verbally it did not match anyone. The interesting thing was the fingerprint belonged to an individual named Malcolm (Mac) Wallace, previously convicted of first degree murder in Texas. Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ’s) personal attorney defended Wallace on the charge and LBJ took a hotel room in Austin during the ten-day trial. Runners reportedly took news of the trials progress to LBJ in his room, as the trial progressed. This man was convicted by the jury of first degree murder and given a five year suspended sentence. The bad news is he then becomes a felon and couldn’t vote for LBJ; the good news was that he didn’t have to go to prison for murder. The man Wallace was convicted of shooting was said to be a golf pro at a pitch n’ putt who, LBJ was afraid, knew too much about his illegal schemes. The golf pro had the misfortune of dating LBJ’s sister who was allegedly an alcoholic and drug user.

After JFKs’ murder a lot of us were in the dark and believed the disinformation. I remember that the reason given for Jack Ruby shooting Oswald was to save Jackie from the stress of the trial. I’ll admit that it sounded plausible to me at the time but now that I’m aware of Jack Rubys’ mob connections, as well as all the Dallas police he knew, I find it much less credible.

So now LBJ has a public relations problem; over 50 percent of Americans don’t believe Oswald acted alone. LBJ came up with a really smart idea. Appoint a Blue Ribbon Panel of a fired CIA Director, a banker, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, a lawyer and some politicians. This was called the Warren Commission, although I think it should have been called The Dulles Commission as I believe Commission Member Allen Dulles had much more to do with the findings. At this point we should take note that this was the CIA Director fired by JFK.

Did I mention the suspected involvement by the CIA in the murder? The FBI had already prepared a five-thousand-page report that said Oswald did it. The Warren Commission used evidence that fit the scenario and ignored the evidence that made it look like an involved plot. Then they came up with the idea to seal the evidence from the nosy public for years. There is still a credibility gap and in 1976 we get the House Select Committee on Assassination (HSCA). It is interesting to note the people who died suspiciously before they could testify. The HSCA still believed Oswald was the shooter and fired the fatal shot but now they conclude that a shot was fired from the grassy knoll. Well, I guess you could call this progress, although I’m not sighing with relief. A big failure of the HSCA was preventing the Doctors from Parkland from seeing the autopsy photos, which differed significantly from the wounds they described immediately prior to the assassination.

FYI Operation Zapata, which later became known as The Bay of Pigs, was Nixons’ plan when he was V.P. under Eisenhower. The reason I bring this up is I believe two of our future presidents were up to their eyeballs in this scheme. I already mentioned Richard M. Nixon so what if I told you that George H.W. Bush owned Zapata Offshore Oil at the time? This, by itself, would not really be noteworthy in my mind. What if I told you that two U.S. Navy vessels were repainted to disguise the fact our government was involved in the invasion? The names chosen were Barbara and Houston. Did I mention H.W. lived in Houston, at the time. He probably thought Operation Zapata (Bay of Pigs) would be a huge success and his wife and city of residence would be honored. Boy was he wrong.

As I mentioned, the CIA felt betrayed when JFK refused to provide air support for the invasion they were planning behind his back. When it became a disaster they scapegoated JFK and blamed him for the dead and captured Cubans, but much more importantly the dead and captured CIA advisors.

When George H.W. Bush was sworn in to head the CIA he testified under oath that he had never worked for the CIA before. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think he was fibbing. I’ve seen a photo of what looks like a young H.W. outside of the book depository in Dallas, but I can honestly say that it isn’t clear enough for me to say without a doubt that it is him. In a memo by J.E. Hoover, dated six days after the assassination, he says George Bush of the CIA would be assessing reaction to the assassination by the Cuban-exile community.”  This document was released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Well Bush, you’re safe on the perjury charge, it was more than seven years after your testimony. Oh yeah, did I mention he doesn’t remember where he was the day Kennedy was murdered? You know you just can’t make this stuff up. If water boarding is legal (as his son claims) I think I have a person who needs interrogated.

There is much more evidence than the tiny amount given to you in this article. If you are interested I’ll recommend a couple of books before I move on. Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination 40th Anniversary ed., by Michael Benson. JFK And The Unspeakable, by James W. Douglass. Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, by Scott.

I believe that to deny the cover up is to deny history. I think a lot of people get caught up on wanting to know the name or names of the actual triggermen. This is a major source of curiosity even for myself. I think that by doing this we lose sight of the larger picture. Obviously anyone out there with a rifle in their hand was a pawn even if they were well paid. I’m also pretty certain if they could identify any of the big players, they would have wound up dead if they had any knowledge of higher ups and were not trusted to keep quiet.

Three individuals I know about, who were thought to be shooters all died prematurely. Johnny Roselli found garroted, stabbed and dismembered floating in an oil drum off the Florida coast in July of 1976. This was after he had agreed to talk to the Senate and had spoken with columnist Jack Anderson. Charles Nicoletti, a hired gun for the Chicago Mob, who was scheduled to testify before the HSCA concerning the JFK assassination and the CIA/Mafia plots to kill Castro, received three bullets to the back of his head. Lucien Sarti, a Corsican hit man has long been speculated as the Badge man who was wearing a police uniform and fired the shots from the grassy knoll. He was killed 4/27/72 by police in Mexico.

I won’t imply that any of these men would have incriminated themselves as hit men, as they tend to be pretty tight lipped about who they’ve shot and who paid them. I’m sure most people realize a blabbermouth hit man probably would be unemployable. Lee Bowers Jr., a rail yard switchman who told police about the cars he had seen drive in the area behind the grassy knoll, and two men who were his superiors died in a one car accident 8/9/66 when he apparently drove into a freeway concrete abutment. No autopsy was performed and he was cremated. Did I mention he had received death threats after the assassination? Is it possible that he was shot in the head before his car crashed. No autopsy and an incinerated corpse will prevent us from ever knowing.

Need to know. All this means is that in any military or intelligence operation the information is always compartmentalized. In other words, would we tell the USMC Lance Corporal guarding a U2 spyplane all of its capabilities such as speed, altitude, operating parameters and radar evading capabilities? No, this would be foolish, as his only responsibility is to guard the plane. On the other hand, the pilot may need this info to dodge anti aircraft or outrun other jets.

What I’m getting at is, in the assassination plot, few if any of the players had all the info. Would LBJ, Carlos Marcello or any other men at the top need to know the shooters, where the rifles were purchased or what kind of ammo was used? I think not. This is what has made this case so hard to crack. Oh yeah, and the U.S. governments inability or unwillingness to get to the bottom of this. I do know every year that passes more witnesses die of old age or get Alzheimer’s, as the assassination is now 45 and a half years old.

Now, as promised in issue 12, I will name those I think had direct or indirect knowledge of some phases of the plot. When I say indirect it means I find it very hard to believe they knew nothing more than a five-year-old-kid listening to a main stream media broadcast in Long Beach, California, in 1963. I’ll let you infer and guess who knew what, based on your own research.

Texas Oilmen: H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Howard Hughes, J. Paul Getty, George S. DeMohrenschildt, George H.W. Bush.

The Mafia: Carlos Marcello, Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, Johnny Roselli, Charles Nicoletti, Lucien Sarti, Jack Ruby, Frank Ragano. The CIA: Allen Dulles, Charles P. Cabell, David Atlee Phillips, George H.W. (Poppy) Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie, Berriman Adler Seal (Bary Seal).

The Cubans: Carlos Prio Socarras, Orlando Bosch, Pedro Diaz Lanz, Gilberto Lopez, Marita Lorenz, David Morales.

Politicians, Civil Servants and Cronies: LBJ, Edward Clark, J.E. Hoover, Nixon, Earle Cabell, Gerald A. Behn, Emory Roberts, Bill Greer, Floyd Boring, Malcolm Wallace, William (Guy) Bannister, Judyth Vary Baker.

If you are curious about any of the names and their alleged knowledge of the plot just google their name and JFK Assassination and I’m sure you’ll get more info than you ever wanted to know about this Assassination and the bizarre plot to keep us Americans in the dark. If you believe, as I do, maybe you could email your Senators and Obama and ask for a real investigation. Yes, I know President Obama has a lot on his plate right now.

– Larry Naron

LETTER - Our Readers Write: May, 2009

Larry Naron,
Thank you for your note on JFK. I too am a
big fan of Jim Douglass’s book, and understand
your passion about Abraham Bolden.
– Oliver Stone

SOURCE: VIEW Issue 13, Mar. 2009

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