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Hear No Evil, See No Evil The Shultz Theory, Applied

by Larry Naron

Jan. 2010, Issue #22: This article deals with how you can raise the consciousness of your friends, family, coworkers and just people that you meet on the street. This article is for people of all races and religions who believe in the true promise of our great constitution. In this article I will explain how the original media and our collective millisecond attention span has allowed the media to mislead us and drag us into immoral wars that injure many for the benefit of a few. It will also deal with the liberal media oxymoron.

Let’s start with the media run up to the war. If you are computer literate I would encourage you to Google Sean Penn (not the actor) on YouTube.com. In his series he will show you the disinformation deliberately released via the mainstream media to justify the Iraqi invasion, as well as some of the disinfo used during Vietnam. While on YouTube, search Paul O’Neil and he will tell of the secret meetings he attended as soon as GW was elected, and a full eight months before 911 and the Bush 43 administration agenda of regime change in Iraq. I recognized the rhetoric coming out of my television and contacted Senators Boxer and Feinstein and President Bush to voice opposition against the Iraqi invasion. Little did anyone outside of Bush’s tight circle know that it was already a done deal.

Has it ever struck any of you how the politicians, who have never served in combat or even in the military, tend to be the most hawkish? Does it surprise you that their sons and daughters fail to serve? Are the names given these wars “Iraqi Freedom” offensive to you? We have currently ‘freed’ an estimated one million Iraqis. (How many of these were civilians?) They are dead now, so I imagine they are free from the burdens of life. Some people would call this mass murder but our politicos have chosen to call it freedom. Is it because we abhor mass murder but love freedom? We now use words like smart bombs and surgical strikes which are oxy-morons of the highest order. You expect an intelligent person to believe that when that “smart bomb” explodes it will fail to kill women and children or other noncombatants. Collateral damage is extremely high in this war and I can only imagine the anger and frustration that the Iraqis who were never supporters of Saddam, feel as they watch their families suffer the consequences of this insane war.

Why, after we discovered the Iraqis did not have WMD’s, didn’t we negotiate some reparations to help rebuild their bombed out infrastructure and leave? If Americans have not figured out this war has always been about oil and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) profits then they may have a neurological disorder. The other motivation for the war was protection of Israel for the lobbying group, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). When I spoke to one of the phone attendants at Sen. Boxers office I complained that if I wanted to contact Sen. Boxer I was required to speak to her whereas AIPAC had direct access to Senator Boxer, with her personal number. Kind of reminds you of when Ken Lay of Enron was ripping off California for billions of dollars in overcharges on their electric bills. He had direct access and GW was only a phone call away. Apparently $1,000,000 in campaign contributions goes a long way in your ability to contact your political representatives.

I was told of a website called www.ProjectCensored.Org This website contains a lot of big stories not covered much by our mainstream media, who appear to be loyal only to corporations including the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). One of the stories that was of most interest to me was one that showed the corporate ownerships of multinational companies which included defense contractors as well as media, under the same umbrella. Yeah ABC owns Boeing or vice versa. If you read this story you will truly understand why the ‘news’ is so colored in this country. There used to be a term called yellow journalism although, at a time when we are having a truth crisis in the media, I never hear that term used anymore.

If you Google “Diebold, election fraud 2000 and 2004” it will become apparent that this moron we called President for eight years cheated to get elected. Just so you neocons don’t think I’m picking on your boy, you can Google “LBJ, Senate race and election fraud” and you can discover what a dirt bag LBJ was and how he stole his senate seat in Texas. I suspect he had prior knowledge of the JFK murder. Only because Hoover and LBJ were neighbors and Hoover would not let his agents investigate the murder of JFK after Oswald was taken into custody, but that’s another story we won’t delve into today.

Let’s get back to this senseless war and why Obama, who campaigned on ending the war has just ok’d increasing our presence in the region by 30,000 troops. What was President O’s first job after leaving the Harvard? Apparently he worked for Henry Kissinger (trilateral commission member). Okay Dems don’t be so disappointed I have a sneaking suspicion that if William Jefferson Clinton had not been up to his neck in the HW Bush Mena Arkansas cocaine smuggling, he would have never been selected by the power elite to become president. With Clinton in power, the criminals who conspired and smuggled tons of cocaine into this country in that Iran/Contra thing would not be subject to prosecution. Yes this is what “Above the Law” means. Prosecution for drug dealing and murder only hinder the “little people” as Leona Helmsley so quaintly referred to us. What if you had gotten arrested during the time in question for cocaine possession? I wonder what the judge would have said if you told him “It’s okay the CIA brought this cocaine in and I purchased it to do my part for national security. Honest judge you gotta believe me.

That being said Prescott Bush ran a bank for the benefit of the Nazi’s during WWII. His bank was taken by the FBI for trading with the enemy. The Banks name was Harrimans Union Bank and Prescotts’ initial investment of under $200 expanded to $1.5 million after the war. I guess helping the Nazi’s paid well and he was also elected Senator from Connecticut after these treasonous acts. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prescott_Bush Is it any wonder that HW’s kids thought it was okay to defraud banks? Look up Neil Bush and the Silverado Savings and loan failure in Colorado, that one cost us plenty. You could just buy the book, The Bush Crime Family. Prescott also got Nixon his start in politics and backed him in his efforts to become V.P. and later President. I’m sure we all remember the infamous I am not a crook Nixon. If you have to publicly announce that you are not a crook then I believe that chances are you may well be a crook. I’m not sure Jimmy Hoffa’s son, who reportedly took a satchel full of cash to the white house in exchange for a presidential pardon from Nixon for his father, would agree with the I am not a crook summation.

So I know that this article has a lot of information and I would not expect any of you to believe it without doing your own research. Frankly I was disappointed that stories that would have been blockbusters in the media had to be discovered from other sources. I have given you a lot of sources and tools, if you choose to find out who is stealing your country out from under you. If you do your research you will find these things factual and will also find several sources for these allegations. The reward for all your work could be a sense of cynicism, which may or may not be preferable to being a sheep. Who coined the term “The Happy idiot”? Remember Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes saying “I know nothing” with his thick German accent?

No denial is not that river in Egypt. As Americans we need to think outside the box. We can’t proudly proclaim I’m a Democrat and refuse to listen to other points of view. We must stay away from defining ourselves in such a limited way as this totally plays into the hands of the power elite. I’m a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist and Green Party. Many Democrats were angry about the Bush war politics and huge tax cuts for the rich. Everyone seems to now be angry about the bank bailout, and rightly so. We are frightened about what Universal Health Care will look like after the insurance company and pharmaceutical special interests lobby makes it unrecognizable. The rich Wall Streeters are still being taken care of, while the rest of the nation flounders. This house of cards, built on deficit causing wars and bailouts for the very rich, is due to fail miserably. Find out who your representatives are and put their feet to the fire. If you don’t have $1,000,000 to give to their campaign it might not matter what you have to say though.

– Larry Naron

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild [Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

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