Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Hillary-nefarious Political ‘War’ - Dems Aren't Sure

LETTER: Editor,

The problem with Hillary -- all us Dems love a strong woman and realize that it is time for a change in the status quo, but we’re not sure Hillary is quite the change we need. Now, we are not anti-feminist to be sure, but are fearful that Hillary is a little too tied in to the status quo. This is a person who voted to support George Bush’s illegal Iraq war.

Hillary also talks about jobs for disenfranchised Americans. Does anyone remember than her husband, Bill was the driving force behind NAFTA that caused so many of those disenfranchised Americans to lose their jobs?

The other problem we have with Hillary is the fact that, rather than bowing out of the race a month earlier than she did when she should have, she continued making jibes at the eventual winner. Most of us don’t see this as party building. Everyone, except Hillary, knew that she was out of the race a long time earlier, so it seems like Hillary really doesn’t get it.

Now Barack, for example, took the high road, he immediately stopped engaging Hillary and began to make statements about McCain and his foreign policy being very similar to George Bush’s.

Now, if you ask most Democrats, has Hillary helped the party by staying in the race for an extra month, or hurt the party? I’m sure eighty-percent would say she hurt the party. The fact that she had to loan herself millions of dollars from her own personal account would probably indicate to most of the people that she didn’t have the support of the party faithful.

Most Santa Barbara Democrats abhor the war, and all Santa Barbara Democrats know that Hillary voted for the war.

Sincerely, L. Naron

Santa Barbara

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