Saturday, 17 March 2018

Joel: How did they all play off one another ?
Lomax: Apart from Ringo, they were all great songwriters, all of them, you know.
Joel: Innovative? Abbey Road/EMI Studios they do orchestrations in there…. The Beatles shook them up, man. Paul said 'So what have we got in here, a four track? Well, am I right in believing we've also got a four track in studio B. Why don’'t we roll that in there, too ?’'And the guy went, 'That’'s brilliant!' He’d been working there for years but it had never occurred to him to roll his other four track in, and eventually they rolled Studio C in too, and they had 12 tracks.
Joel: Some of those albums were real complex...
Lomax: ...but it's usually 4 track to 4 track to 4 track, each time mixing down; they were brilliant!
Joel: You'd say The Beatles were innovative?
Lomax: The world was hanging on their next thought. It was magical. It was not without sweat and tears and it wasn’'t without a lot of arguments. You can see that in Let it Be....things were getting tense....
Joel: Ok, Current... How’s your band in Liverpool doing now?
Lomax: The Undertakers, my old band from Liverpool... I recorded with them last year in August for the new Undertakers album, yeah... and I wasn't booked then; I went on my own dime. This year I'm going on theirs... for Cavern Tours.

"Those guys with the 40 million dollar parachutes should be put in stocks in the streets, so that the people can throw rotten food at them."

Joel: What's going on in Liverpool now, musically ?
Lomax: Well, it's interesting. When I go back, all I hear is Beatle's music now. Seems like every band wants to do I Saw Her Standing There. It starts to drive you a little crazy. I always thought that is what we're in it for; we do original stuff. Write it, yeah, use the experience of doing someone else's song to find out how it feels to you and what the structure is, and then you use that to interpret it your own way. That doesn't seem unreasonable to me. That's all I've been doing all my life....why would I stop now and go back and copy something, but that's what seems to be happening is copy bands… Here we see, copy of The Who, copy of Janis Joplin, a copy of this, that and the other, and it's like there's this yearning for those bands of the 60s because they were all so different. They all forged their own way. You can't say the Grateful Dead was a copy of The Beatles, you can’t say that Cream was a copy of what? Cream... the BEST trio I have ever heard….
Joel: Wasn't Paul knighted by the Queen?
Lomax: Yeah...John was the anti-social one…he was usually right, but he could be abrasive and aggressive. Paul McCartney was like Mr. Fabulous, he's always on and smiling. I think Paul got knighted out of shame for them taking all that tax money off him. It's like 90 percent, in his bracket. He must have floated the economy at one time….You see that's why so many people have moved over here. You pay quite a bit of taxes over here on large amounts, too. I don't know what the answer is. Those guys with the 40 million dollar parachutes should be put in stocks in the streets, so that the people can throw rotten food at them. Joel: hahahaha.......Where do you see Rock n’ roll heading ?
Lomax: I don't see it heading anywhere.
Joel: Is there hope?
Lomax: There's always people out there who are undiscovered talent. Those are the people who sound original, who write original. There is no music business, it's all on-line. You don't need the Capitol Building anymore, even though it's an icon, it's all on-line and it's every man for themselves on-line. That's not good to me. For instance, everyone is buying blank discs and writing on them with pens….I want to see the art work; I want to see who played on the tracks, I want to read the lyrics, all of that is part of the package to me because that's where I come from. IN my version I had the lyrics printed out.
Joel: Now, it's who's the best 'internet guy'?
Lomax: Still a lot of luck. You have to get a totally repetitive thing, where it gets played over and over again, to get noticed. I have a song called Home is in my Head that's been done by a lady singer in Norway; Anuk, she's done a live version that's 11 minutes long, and then she did a DVD of it that’s been repeated on the radios as well. So that song is disproportionate to my other songs. You just never know….I didn't plan that, I never thought anyone in Norway would ever have heard
of me.

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